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Main photographer for the high rocks guide book 


EPAC is honored to continue the legacy of Doug Reilley’s guidebook “Climbs of the Tohickon Gorge: A Climber’s Guide to High Rocks”. Doug graciously transferred EPAC his copyright and all original content. (A portion of the archives can be found in the slideshow below.)

When possible, EPAC used original content with minor edits. It was an amazing experience for all involved to bring the guide from hand drawn topos to the digital era. It was also an exciting learning experience to clarify historical data on first ascents and routes. We did our best to ensure the accuracy but know full well that errors, omissions and misspellings may exist. We hope you can help us correct any of these inaccuracies.

Another exciting aspect of this project is a portion of the proceeds come right back to EPAC. It will help us grow our organization as well as fund projects specifics to High Rocks.

While many EPAC board members were greatly involved in this process, it would not have come to fruition without the time and dedication of Andrew MacNamee (editor) and Mike Rogers (photographer).


((My First Photo Project !! One new photo project Per Year Released In The Year 2020 ))


a photo experience - 6/6/21

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not so soon!!!
releases the first day of 2027 
ongoing  project 

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